1.    Focus on working collectively
2.    Connected to the whole of business and not in silos
3.    Active listening and clarifying of questions
4.    Delivering what is promised, on time
5.    Managing emotional reactions and not reacting defensively
6.    Helping others manage their emotional reactions and respond constructively
7.    Focussing on the issue and making objective decisions
8.    Seeking insights from others, rather than defending own ideas or position
9.    Knowing own limits and valuing feedback
10.    Reflecting and learning from mistakes to improve future outcomes
11.    Taking accountability for own actions and outcomes
12.    Not avoiding topics that need addressing
13.    Considering strategic and financial implications and outcomes when making decisions
14.    Confidently executing agreed operational plans
15.    Confidently leading teams through operational complexities
16.    Effectively dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty