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 "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"
- Hellen Keller

Team Connect is an innovative program that offers teams - new and old - better ways of working together. Team Leaders can engage their teams in an end to end program of work aimed at aligning and measuring the impact of remote team performance against goal achievement. In addition, team members will gain the psychological tools required to develop better internal resilience and well-being.


Teams can use Team Connect to grow and thrive through unprecedented environmental changes and at the same time achieve team outperformance.


All organisations have been navigating a new world and new ways of working  since  the  digital revolution began 25 years ago. In that time, significant events like the global financial crisis and the global pandemic of COVID-19 have accelerated and magnified the need for organisations to rely more upon technology-based solutions to resolve workplace challenges.


It shouldn’t surprise anyone then that we cannot make an impact in this new world using our old ways of working. Therefore, as the COVID-19 crisis continues and subsides, many organisations will find a new balance between remote-based and office-based work and teams. 

Team Connect supports a  range of different teams by connecting team goals & behaviours with accountable & measurable outputs through a robust psychological framework. It works with:

  • Remote working teams

  • Operational (BAU) teams

  • Project & matrix based teams

  • Interim & crisis response teams

  • Working groups & committees



The designated Team Leader can now gain understanding and see insights into the team's 
productivity and behaviours that is structured and sustainable.



Team members will feel a sense of achievement, self-worth and connection. They also improve their sense of well-being and psychological resilience, reducing stress and anxiety.



The Self Connect platform offers transparent reporting of the team‘s goals and behaviour results through a live dashboard, accessed by the entire team.

Easy to

Self Connect provides daily email communications to the team and Team Leader with targeted activities and tasks focused on improving both performance and  culture.



Team Connect drives team connection through both communicating and measuring the teams agreed behaviours and performance goals.

Straight-forward structure

It operates on a 4-week cycle that is framed around regular team huddles, agreed team actions and application of critical behaviours. Simple to understand and easy to execute.

For more information about the Team Connect product, including how its works and the pricing, please contact a member of the team who will be more than happy to help.

Download our Team Connect information sheet for some further information about how the program works.