This month (November) Appellon's senior Program Director, Nigel Carlton partnered with Strategy& at the PwC Australia's Future of Work Festival 2019.

Appellon, leaders in measuring behavioural outcomes against performance improvements, was invited to talk about workplace cultures for the future.

Nigel Carlton, shared his thoughts and the outputs of the festival."It was a great day talking about the Future of Work at PwC Sydney. The day consisted of a range of challenging conversations about future workforce drivers"

During the day, the future of workforce discussions covered many topics including

  • How the future is actually taking shape now.

  • How structures of work and workplace design are evolving rapidly

  • The impact of technology as both a disruptor and integrator, such as the bionic workplace.

  • The challenge of moving diverse groups of people towards new ways of working.

  • How organisations today, need to change the way they think about culture and how pivotal aligning people to changing workplace and performance requirements is to future success. (Pssst this was us!)

Nigel said "It was good to be partnering with Strategy&’s Michelle Kam and James Ogg , talking about the importance of workplace culture and how technology can support an organisation’s ability to measure, monitor and influence performance behaviour. We ended the sessions with showing the room a sneak peak of how this can be achieved through the new Appellon CultureTech platform (coming 2020."

It’s true and it can't be ignored; the future workplace is taking shape now and the future of culture design has arrived in the shape of Appellon; an organisation's new best friend.