From May 2020, Appellon will launch two brand new innovative products; Team Connect and Self Connect.

Given the current global challenges, faced by many, Appellon has been inspired to bring forward the launch of two innovative products to market. Appellon is known for providing products that create wiser organisations, improve performance as well as individual wellbeing since 2008.  The two innovate products, Team Connect and Self Connect, will continue this legacy while supporting organisations and individuals in coping with significant workforce and individual changes.

Sue Jauncey, CEO. says "It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that, in this current climate, many organisations cannot continue to perform in the way they were, prior to COVID. The appearance of COVID has forced workforces to seek new ways of working. More teams are now working remotely and this is expected to continue to grow. I am pleased to confirm that Appellon's upcoming launch of Team Connect and Self Connect will address organisational challenges of remote working, productivity and employee wellbeing."

Mark Horwood-James, UK CEO and Group CIO, confirms that the new products will be added to Appellon's SaaS CultureTech platform "Both new solutions that we are offering will be cloud-based, digital solutions. Our CultureTech platform will power these products, offering tailored communications and easy to use experiences that bring these revolutionary products to life. Never has it been easier for Team Leaders and individuals to simply login and start addressing their current workforce or individual challenges."


Team Connect supports team members by connecting them to their team's goals & behaviours through a robust psychological framework that holds everyone accountable to deliver them. Team's setup regular 4-weekly productivity 'sprints' of which our innovative CultureTech platform will provide automated supporting content, communications, activities and fortnightly measurement of the team's goal and behavioural progress.

At the end of each sprint teams will be able to see their Team Productivity Indicator (TPI) and goal progress on an easy to use team dashboard. Team connect has been designed to keep teams connected and focused on achieving their team goals.  Both a sense of achievement and connection for remote teams is a necessary function in order for team members well-being and for organisations to continue to remain productive.


Self Connect is a self-managed, digital resilience program designed to support individuals who have been impacted by any significant life changing event such as

  • Global pandemics like COVID-19

  • Job loss

  • Death, divorce or separation,

  • Financial distress

  • Social isolation

  • Stress, anxiety or depression

Self Connect runs for 8-weeks and is designed by a registered Psychologist. It takes individuals through specially selected and designed topics each week to support the ongoing development of their psychological resilience.  The aim of the program is to improve inner resilience, overall self-worth and well-being resulting in the following

  • A reduction in stress and anxiety levels

  • Better able to respond to life changing events outside personal control

  • Increase in self-worth and well-being

  • Access to a variety of tools to lean in on if feeling challenged

  • Quality of life improves

  • Make better sound decisions during times of change

  • Better able to objectively identify opportunities to address situational challenges

  • Inner resilience increases

  • Develop inner tools and processes to address challenges.

The Self Connect program's 42 sessions cost the same as one face-to-face session.

We are also offering the first 500 individuals who register online with us a complimentary Self-Connect program to support you during these current unprecedented changes currently being experienced worldwide. Following the below link for self-connect to register now!

You can find out more about Appellon's Self Connect and Team Connect on our website.

If you are an organisation who is interested in our Team Connect product or considering Self Connect product as part of your EAP program then please contact us at where a member of the team will contact you with more information.