"What's the use of running, if you aren't on the right road?"
- Author Unknown

The Appellon Leadership Workstream (3-year program) utilises a framework called Wisdom in the Workplace. Designed specifically for executives and managers, it forms part of Appellon's culture system and has been created to be implemented as a stand-alone or  complimentary program to our flagship Culture Workstream.

Our Wisdom in the Workplace framework is built around a fundamental principal that leaders and key decision makers should be able to assess, and understand, the challenges presented in an objective manner. Therefore, the role and behavioural approach of your organisation's leadership is fundamental to your brand's long-term strategic success. Our Leadership Workstream has been created to allow executives and managers to make objective and wise decisions, ensuring outcomes that are in the best interests of your organisation.


The Leadership Workstream focusses on harnessing the emotional responses, knowledge application and reflection skills needed to objectively lead. It assesses the leadership and management community across four key dimensions of personal accountability, commercial confidence, collective achievement and constructive objectivity. The overall result is an individual and company Net Leadership Score.


The Appellon Leadership Workstream is Ideal for Executives and the wider management population.


Leaders are focused on the self-awareness of their  emotion, knowledge and reflection, becoming wiser decision makers.


Leaders adopt a de-personalised approach allowing them to focus on decisions that support the  best interests of all.


Appellon assesses the impact of initiative, three times a year through peer and colleague  reviewed 'checkpoints'.


You will have ongoing support, for all three years, from your specialist Appellon Program Director and team.


Every participant of the Leadership Workstream will receive a personal performance report with scores  and trends.


Appellon produce an overall performance report after every checkpoint for the CEO with findings and insights.


Four dimensions of assessment including the areas of personal accountability and commercial confidence.

The Appellon Program has not only met, but has exceeded my expectations as the CEO. My Executive Leadership team has significantly matured and now works collectively together, focusing on the best interests of the business, which has resulted in a dramatic increase in our overall financial and operational performance. We have now moved from bottom quartile performance to a near top-tier performing organisation.

David Knight, CEO of Adventist Senior Living