"Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage that is completely within the control of the organisation."
- David Cummings, Co-Founder, Pardot
Driving a successful cultural change program is made easier when you have the right tools to hand. Used correctly, these tools enable the leadership and organisation to generate the momentum and accountability needed to create change.
The Appellon CultureTech platform is a cloud-based service that allows organisations to shift their behaviours from ‘design’ into ‘execution’, measuring behavioural and performance outputs. By offering empirical measurement of a culture’s Critical Few Behaviours, the leadership are able to understand, improve and optimise behaviours and performance across the entire workforce.
The CultureTech platform also supports sustainable behavioural change by the continual reinforcement of the defined key strategic targets (and their performance). The platform focuses the entire workforce on the application of the Critical Few Behaviours and encourages transparency and accountability for individual actions and the organisation’s performance.
Using the CultureTech platform, and guidance from Appellon, you can implement the culture program that is right for your organisation's needs. Appellon has three different workstreams - Workforce, Leadership and Board  - which can run independently or together to generate the right program for you. The CultureTech platform will guide you through the setup and implementation of your program, supported by dedicated Appellon specialists (Program Directors).
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Appellon's CultureTech platform gives you the power to measure the behavioural outputs of your organisation's Critical Behaviours against its Strategic Objective and Performance Goals. 
  • Allows you to empirically measure the application of the Critical Behaviours
  • Tracks and communicates your key performance measures alongside your organisation’s behavioural performance
  • Holds the entire workforce accountable against the Critical Behaviours and agreed performance focus
  • A detailed report for the Leaders and personal performance reports for every individual member of staff
  • Secure, cloud-based platform, accessible by all organisational employees
  • Leading user experience across desktop, tablet and personal mobile devices
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