"Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner"
- Peter Drucker

In the last three decades we have seen global leaders discussing the topic of organisational culture but failing to find a coherent solution for measuring and managing it. The answer is Appellon's unique and innovative Workforce workstream. It utilises parts of the Appellon Culture System to measure and manage behaviours across all members of staff.


The Workforce Workstream is a 3-year program designed and owned by Appellon which not only allows you to look at your organisational culture objectively, but has been designed to ensure staff are aligned to your strategy and feel accountable for its success.


The Workforce Workstream engineers the culture you need to specifically achieve and deliver your organisational strategy. Appellon works with your leadership team to define, understand and articulate the core behaviours (known as Critical Behaviours) that are needed to ensure staff align to, and deliver upon, your strategy. 


Through measuring the positive demonstration of these Critical Behaviours, across your entire workforce, we can then provide you with an empirical score for your culture (out of 100). This is known as your Net Culture Score.


Appellon focuses staff on the collective achievement of your strategic goals over a 3-year program.


Appellon will  measure and check your culture three times a year, reinforcing and embedding your culture change program.


Appellon will  provide the leadership with organisation-wide results and insights including the Net Culture Score.


The Workforce Workstream offers a combined top-down and bottom-up approach with staff for sustainable change.


You will have  ongoing support, from day one, with your dedicated Appellon Program Director.


Every member of staff is provided with their own individual and confidential personal report.


In clusters of  8 to 12, staff are asked to confidentially and anonymously rate  peers and colleagues.


Your four Critical Behaviours are engineered around the organisation’s purpose, strategy and goals.

Appellon's Culture Program, known internally as 4Ward, has supported incredible performance improvements at the Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust. I’ve seen, first-hand, the change Appellon has had on the staff and its Leadership. The program’s impact is so significant that, for the first time in 3-years, the CQC has imposed no conditions on our registration. A phenomenal success.​

Former CEO of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust