"Culture isn't part of the is the game!"
- Lou Gerstner

Appellon's unique Culture Assessment is a ground-breaking tool for any CEO or leadership group looking for measurable, actionable and considered insights into their organisation’s culture. Utilising the innovative Appellon Culture System, the Culture Assessment is able to offer decision-makers vital insights and recommendations on any organisation's culture.


Any organisation can benefit from the Appellon Culture Assessment; your organisation may be going through, or is about to go through, significant change and needs support and insights on its current cultural state. Clients have used our insights during merger & acquisitions,  the on-boarding of a new CEO and even a re-brand.


You may have even used a staff engagement survey tool in recent times but struggled to generate positive change as a result. A key reason to this frustration is that staff engagement surveys do not measure culture and instead measure staff opinion. This means staff engagement surveys are not design support business improvements, staff happiness or team morale. Appellon's Culture Assessment does not reinforce distracting or poor behaviours but looks at the alignment to your goals.

Appellon's Culture Assessment empirically measures six key areas and provides you with relevant cultural insights and recommendations, tailored to your organisation's specific results. This can be done remotely or for large organisations involve one-on-one interviews and staff focus groups.

#1 Net Culture
Indicator (NCI)

 The degree to which all staff are aligned and working towards collectively achieving the organisation's shared and common goals. 

#4 Collective Achievement (CAI)

The degree to which staff across the organisation are engaged
in behaviours that reinforce a self-entitled approach to their work and role.

#2 Net Leadership

Indicator (NLI)

The  degree to which leaders are aligned, demonstrate wise leadership and  have staff focused on the sharedand common goals.

#5 Referral Indicator (RI)

 The  measure of the employee experience, as well potentially indicating the impact your employees have on your business growth.

#3 Net Behaviour Indicator (NBI)

The  degree to which your staff are aligned to your core values/behaviours and are focused on the strategic shared and common goals.

#6 Risk Retention
Indicatpr (RRI)

The degree to which the staff within the organisation are genuinely considering leaving the organisation for another in the near future.

Appellon is both a unique and remarkable organisation. The ability to give clarity and measurement to the Board and the Senior Management Team around the company's culture is simply amazing.

Stephen Harrison, Chairman