"Competitors can buy asetts, but they can't buy culture!"
- Herb Kelleher

Board compositions are becoming increasingly diverse with board performance either being hindered or enhanced by the directors abilities to make collective decisions. The wisest decisions leverage diverse viewpoints, while at the same time remaining focussed on what is considered  'in the best interest of the organisation' and remit of the Board.


Appellon's Board Workstream, based on our Wisdom in the Boardroom framework, increases awareness and understanding of how to achieve optimal levels of board and director performance.  Our Board Worksteam is designed to increase the degree to which levels of wisdom are developed - and applied - as a foundation to contemporary and effective Board practice.


Appellon's Board Workstream provides the board and Chair with three different scores. The main score is a Net Board Score which is an empirical assessment of the Board's ability to lead through our Wisdom in the Boardroom framework. Appellon's Net Board Score is generated by two supporting empirical measures; (1) the average Net Director Score (each Director will receive their own score) and (2) the Board Effectiveness Score.

And, like our Leadership Workstream, every individual Net Director Score is broken down into performance across four areas of personal accountability, commercial confidence, collective achievement and constructive objectivity.


The Appellon Board Program is specifically designed for Boardrooms and Board Directors.


Board members are focused on self-awareness of emotions, knowledge  reflection, becoming wiser Directors.


Directors better adopt a de-personalised approach, allowing a focus on decisions that support the  best interests of the Board.


Appellon assesses the impact of the program, three times a year through peer reviewed 'checkpoints'.


You will have ongoing support, for all three years, from your specialist Appellon Program Director and team.


Every Director will receive their own personal performance report with their Net Director Score  and performance trends.


Appellon produce an overall performance report after every checkpoint for the Chair with findings and insights.


Four dimensions of assessment including the areas of personal accountability and commercial confidence.

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After the first Board checkpoint, I saw a dramatic difference in behaviours. I thought to myself, if Appellon can do this after one checkpoint, imagine what they can do across the entire program. 

Neil Cochrane, Former Chairman of the
Comm Bank Group Super Board of Directors